Why Travel by Train in China?


China high speed train runs from 200km/hr to 350km/hr. It takes only 4.5 hours by the fastest train from Beijing to Shanghai for the 1318 km journey!

Punctuate and Reliable

Chinese trains are punctuate. They are less affected by weather and environment comparing to internal flights and buses.

Safe, Comfortable & Cheap

Chinese trains are a safe, comfortable & cheap way to travel around China. Each train has its own police. People are traveling under real-name policy.

Unique Experience

Traveling by Chinese train is an unique experience in itself. You can watch the landscape change outside of the window and share your travelling experience with local people rather than just moving from A to B.

Cheap Price and Hassle-free Service

We offer the hassle-free service to book China train ticket online. You can search the time table and ticket availability at our website and book the ticket for the train you want. We accept payment by credit card and PayPal online. The tickets you booked can be delivered to your hotel or have them ready for collection at train station.

Search Train
search time table and ticket availabitly
buy online
we accept credit card and PayPal
receive ticket
deliver to your hotel or collect at station

How to book China Train Ticket Online?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I buy tickets if I am not in China?
    Yes, of course you can. We accept booking request from all over the world. Thanks to the internet technology, our customers grows rapidly.
  2. How many days in advance can I book my ticket?
    We accept online booking at least 3 days in advance. You are advised to book the tickets as early as you can. Generally, the China mainland trains open for sale 60 days before.
  3. How can I pay?
    We accept VISA card and PayPal online. For customers who does not have credit card or PayPal. we accept bank transfer.
  4. How can I receive my tickets?
    You can choose to have the tickets delivered to your hotel, residence address in China or collect the tickets at train station.
  5. Does it mean I will definitely get the tickets I have booked once I have paid for my tickets?
    Not really. Once we have received your payment, we will proceed to purchase the tickets as soon as the train opens for sale. In case the tickets are not available, we will inform you by email and you can change to another train or cancel and get refund. Based our experiences, 95% of paid booking have been able to get the tickets successfully.
  6. What does the price include?
    Besides the ticket fare, you need to pay the service fee and transaction fee. The service fee and transaction fee is non-refundable.
  7. Do you ship the tickets outside of China?
    Generally, we do not ship tickets outside of China. If you need international shipment, please contact us for a special delivery service and extra cost is needed.
  8. Can I reserve a ticket and pay upon arrival in China?
    No, sorry. Tickets are not reserved before payment.
  9. How can I collect tickets at train station?
    We will email you a voucher with confirmation number. Show the voucher on mobile or printout and present your original passport at the counter. You can collect the tickets at any time before the train leaves.
  10. I am not staying at hotel. Can you deliver the tickets to my residence address?
    Yes, if the address is valid within the delivery company's coverage.
  11. How can I cancel my tickets?
    Please request cancellation online at our website or by email. For urgent cancellation, please call us.
  12. I lost my paper tickets and what shall I do?
    Please contact us as soon as possible and we can tell you the procedure to reissue the tickets at train station.
  13. How early can I know if my tickets are purchased or not?
    We will notify your in 24 hours after your booking.
  14. Is it possible to have all tickets in the same cabin?
    For paper tickets, we will help you have the tickets assigned together. However, it is not fully guaranteed on some popular trains. For e-tickets, the seats are assigned by computer and no human intervene is allowed. Generally the seats are next to each other.
  15. Can I have a window seat? Can I choose lower berth or upper berth?
    Yes, we can try for you but it is not 100% guaranteed.